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 Roggenbier – A German style bier similar to a Hefeweizen, but made with rye instead of wheat. Pronounced spiciness from the malted rye is complimented and boosted by notes of clove from the hefe yeast.  The beer is balanced and contrasted by the sweet malted barley and notes of banana from the yeast, as well as light hopping with German Perle hops.  4.8 % abv, 18 IBU’s.
Dampf Good – Dampfbier is a traditional Bavarian beer, though a bit of an oddity today. Brewed with 100% barley malt, this beer is fermented with a hefeweizen yeast at a relatively high temperature—about 10 degrees warmer than we normally ferment.  A deep golden color from the addition of Bestmalz Red X malt with a light grainy aroma, this refreshing beer starts relatively sweet, but has a dry, almost peppery finish that lingers.  4.1% abv, 17 IBU’s
Today’s Sermon – A tarted up Hefeweizen.  Kettle soured to produce a dry, fairly tart beer that finishes lightly with the characteristic hefe flavors of banana, clove, and yeast.
Heather Ale — This gruit beer is brewed with a tradition from before hops became a popular ingredient, utilizing heather flowers instead to balance the beer’s sweetness.  The heather creates a very floral, slightly tart balance to a fairly light beer brewed with honey from Bees @ Work in Jamestown, ND.  Popular among the Celts, especially in what is now the British Isles.  3.5% abv 0 IBUs
Denhoff Experiment – This experimental pale ale was brewed using a new malt from Two Track Malting in Bismarck, ND, similar to a Vienna malt.  Paired 50/50 with Pilsner malt creating a deep golden color, the malt comes through as biscuity and lingers in the aftertaste as lightly reminiscent of peanut butter.  Paired with healthy doses of CTZ and Amarillo hops, this creates a pleasant, hop forward pale ale.  5% abv, 30 IBU’s
Red Pearl – Our fourth single malt and single hop experiment, this beer is brewed with Bestmalz Red X malt and Perle hops—both German in source.  Red X lends both a beautiful red hue as well as a deep caramel flavor and aroma which are uncharacteristic of a base malt.  This is balanced by spicy and slightly herbal and fruity German Perle hops.   
Bizarro Red – This Irish Style Red Ale is brewed with the same recipe Flatlander, but is a small experiment in using similar but different ingredients.  Brewed with Weyermann roasted barley (instead of Briess) and finished with Willamette hops (instead of Fuggle–Willamette hops are bred from Fuggle), the end result is a noticeably different beer.  Slightly darker, with less chocolate flavor from the roasted barley, and finishes considerably more floral.  5.1% abv, 18 IBU’s
Flatlander – An Irish Style Red Ale.  Coppery red in color, with hints of chocolate and coffee in both aroma and flavor from caramel malt and a touch of roasted barley.  Lightly hopped only to balance the sweetness of the strong malt backbone.  5.1% abv, 18 IBU’s.
Spuds O’Murphy’s – This Dry Stout gets its dark color along with chocolate and coffee flavors come from a hefty dose of roasted barley.  This lends some dryness along with a distinct lack of caramel malt and 100 lbs of russet potatoes from Hugh’s Gardens in Moorhead.  Only a small addition of hops is made at the beginning of the boil to balance any remaining sweetness
Ploughboy – an Oatmeal Stout.  Very dark, with pronounced roasted flavors like coffee and chocolate from a high percentage of dark adjuncts–chocolate, caramel and black malts, along with roasted barley.  Added mouthfeel from the addition of oats, and balanced more from the bitterness of the dark malts than the light addition of Perle hops.  5.1% abv, 24 IBU’s.
Simcosis –  This American IPA is hopped exclusively with a large amount of Simcoe hops, creating a great resinous  flavor and aroma, with a touch of citrus.  Munich and light caramel malts add sweetness and extra malt character to the North Dakota grown Okefenokee Pale malt base from Two Track Malting in Bismarck.  6.9% abv and surprisingly balanced with 71 IBU’s.

Fresh Brewed Soda’s — Non-alcoholic

Maple Cream Soda – A twist on a classic soda style.  Vanilla soda made with the maple syrup from Height of Land Pure Maple Syrup and a touch of salt.

Currently tapped Casks

Wild Oats with Brett – Our Wild Oats Pale Oat Ale cask conditioned with Brettanomyces yeast.  Slightly funky, slightly tart, very light and refreshing.  4.7% abv, 27 IBU’s. 
Dry Hopped Red Pearl – Our Red Pearl Smash (with Red X malt and Perle hops) with additional Pearl hop added.  4.6% abv, 36 IBU’s.
 Next to be tapped
Dampf Good
 Casks being aged
Heather Ale on  Brett     Sour Heff on Brett
 In Fermentation
 Flatlander     Octobeardfest     Ploughboy
Post Holer     Raspberry Blonde      Imperial IPA
 Scheduled to be Brewed
Wild Oats Pale Ale     Imperial Oatmeal Stout     Hard Red Spring
Octobeardfest – A Märzen style beer. Brewed predominantly with Munich malt, providing a biscuity base, with the addition of Pilsner, Biscuit, and Wheat malts; German hops–Perle for bittering and Tettnang for spicy, herbal aroma and flavor–add traditional balance.  Lagered to improve clarity and smoothness
Fresh Hopped IPA – An American IPA.  Very hop forward.  The combination of CTZ and Cascade hops produces a nicely rounded, almost grapefruit like hop profile.  Balanced by the malt bill, including Munich and caramel malts.  Fresh CTZ hops from Lake Lida Hops Company added to the fermenter add a hop character unattainable with dry hops.  7.0% abv, 70 IBU’s.
Raspberry Blonde – Our Sommer’s Blonde Ale infused with fresh raspberries and blackberries
  Previously Brewed
Weisse – Berliner Style Weisse.  A German style wheat beer, slightly tart with light body. Crisp and refreshing at 3.6% abv and only 2 IBU’s from light mash hopping with German Tettnang hops
Barleyman’s Best Bitter – Copper in color with a pleasant malt aroma, Simpson’s Golden Promise and caramel malt provide a rich malt backbone that is balanced by UK Admiral hops.  Finishes into a light, lingering nutty aftertaste. 4.1% abv, 29 IBU’s
Jonny B’s Brown – An American Brown Ale.  A pleasant dark brown beer with a good dose of caramel flavor from a mix of light and dark caramel malts, balanced by the classic Cluster hop
Sommer’s Blonde – An ale light in color and body, slightly bitter, but still fairly balanced.  The classic American Willamette hop provides a light, pleasant floral aroma.
APA – An American Pale Ale.  Assertively hoppy, but not as bitter as an IPA.  Amarillo and Willamette hops give a floral, slightly citrus aroma, combined with a sweet malt bill to create a pleasant orange-like hop flavor.  6.2% abv, 31 IBU’s.
Cream Ale – An unconventional take on a classic style.  Golden in color, with emphasis on a grainy aroma and flavor from the addition of biscuit malt.  Medium body and a slight sweetness is achieved through the addition of lactose, which does not ferment. Refreshing and easily drinkable with 3.9% abv and 20 IBU’s
Smash #2 – A single malt and single hop beer made with Munich malt and US Fuggle hops.  Somewhat like an English bitter.  The Munich malt brings a good malty, slightly biscuity backbone, while the US Fuggle hops provide a pleasant, yet mild fruitiness.  3.8% abv, 15 IBU’s.
Brown Porter – Softer and slightly less dark than the Oatmeal Stout, with a chocolaty malt characteristic.  Balanced by light hop bitterness from Admiral hops and a somewhat fruity hop aroma and flavor from late addition US Fuggle hops.  5.4% abv, 20 IBU’s.
Smash #3 – A single malt and single hop ale brewed with Cluster hops and Okefenokee Pale Malt from Two Track Malting in Bismarck, ND.  Golden colored with a rich malt base, as well as a fruity floral aroma and finish from the Cluster hops.  5.1% abv, 45 IBU’s.
 Previous Casks
Ploughboy with Cold Press Coffee – Our Ploughboy oatmeal stout infused with cold press coffee from Beans Coffee Bar in West Fargo. 5.1% abv, 24 IBU’s
Smash #1 with Honey – A single hop and single malt ale brewed with Rahr Premium Pilsner malt and Pekko hops, cask aged with honey.  5.9% abv and 15 IBU’s.
Wild Oats with Brett – Our Oat Pale Ale casked with Brettanomyces bruxellensis and aged about 6 weeks.  Dry and slightly tart, with significant “funk”. ~4.7% abv and 27 IBU’s.
Orange APA – Our APA with orange juice AND zest added, as well as additional Amarillo hops
Smash #1 on Cucumbers – A single malt, single hop beer, brewed with Pilsner malt and Pekko hops, aged on cucumbers.
 Peaches on Cream – Our Cream Ale cask aged on 5 pounds of peaches
Wild Oats with Maple Syrup – Our Oat Pale Ale cask conditioned with maple syrup.  Dry and slightly tart.  4.7% abv and 27 IBU’s